What types of shrink sleeves are available?

What types of shrink sleeves are available?

Shrink Sleeve Label machines come in nine different types, and specifications are listed below. You will find information on the machines and their specifications below in the categories of Shrink Sleever Labelers and Shrink Tunnel Machines.

Labellers for shrink sleeves

NAFM-LX 250: With speeds up to 400 CPM, the LX 250 shrink Sleever labeling and tamper evident banding machine has been designed with solid engineering and features servo drive, PLC, and HMI components of the latest technologies. A motor on the LX 250 controls adjustment of the head height.

NAFM-LX 350: Speeds of up to 500 CPM are capable of the LX 350 Shrink Sleeve Labeling and Tamper Evident Banding machine. In addition to its solid engineering, this machine is equipped with advanced servo drives, PLCs and HMIs. Motors control adjustments height, moving mandrel holders, and drive rollers on the LX 350.

NAFM-LX 450: This machine is equipped with the latest advanced servo drive, PLC, and HMI components, capable of operating at a speed of 600 CPM. This machine also has a shrink sleeve labelling and tamper-evident banding capability. Motor-driven adjustments are included in the LX 450, including height, mandrel holders, and drive rollers.

NAFM-LX 100: Besides having a servo-driven application system for accurate and consistent application, the LX 100 Shrink Sleeve Labeling and Tamper Evident Banding Machine is designed to operate 24/7 and offers quick changeovers.

NAFM-LX 150SP: With a speed of up to 300 BPM, the LX 150 SP Shrink Sleeve Labeling and Tamper Evident Banding Machine provides quick changeovers while offering consistent accuracy.

What types of shrink sleeves are available?

Shrink sleeve labelling using heat tunnel machines

NAFM-ES 130: This heat tunnel is easy to install and can operate continuously at a temperature of 392°F. The ES 130 has a base support stand and manual height adjustment.

NAFM-ES 200: ES 200 is an electric heat tunnel made for shrink labels that operate continuously at 400 degrees. It is designed for 24-hour operation and is available in extra large containers.

NAFM-WSN 300: With a steam heat shrink tunnel, you can create consistent shrink labels from PET, PVC, or OPS with optimum shrink control. The WSN 300 operates at 212°F and is reliable 24 hours a day.

OAL-Classic 36: In the OAL Classis 36, the bands, full sleeves, and combo packs are shrunk precisely, with adjustable, adjustable, and accurate recirculating heat tunnels. Standard and customized sizes are available. A heater element can reach 400°F at adjustable locations.

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